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Natasha Monty is the creative force behind freelance projects in all areas of design. Based in Canterbury, though we are prepared to provide services to companies and individuals all over the country, but rest assured our prices will stay firmly in Kent.

We specialise in animation and digital and print graphics, focussing on bringing to life the images that until now have remained only inside our customer's heads. However, we also offer services in web design including UI/UX development, video production and VFX, logo and advertising composition and illustration.

We can produce all kinds of artistic creations - take a look at our examples to get an idea of what we do but bare in mind that these are by no means the limitations of the options available to you or showcase the full variety of our skill set. Get in touch and let us in on your ideal project, whether its something personal or for a professional entity.

Your wish is our command.


You can email us at design@natashamonty.co.uk


Give us a call at +44(0)7730455635


Or send us a message on Facebook Natasha Monty